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Project Description
The Text Image Generator is a windows application that
generates an image from the text entered as well as font and colors selected.

The Text Image Generator uses your system fonts and colors to provide you with an incredible amount of options for creating simple text images.

Developed by Brad Huggins, March 2008

When selecting the fill for fonts and backgrounds, you can select solid, gradient, or a hatch pattern.
When using a gradient or a hatch pattern, you must select two (2) different colors.
When solid fill is selected, the second color is ignored (not used).

Currently the Text Image Generator only supports saving images to BMP, JPG, and PNG.

NOTE: We had originally planned to allow for GIF export, including transparent,
but due to problems with color pallets, we decided to postpone GIF export until the next release. Sorry...

NOTE: TextImage.cs is the primary class used by this application.
This class can be re-used in other application or in an ASP.NET application along with a HTTP Handler.


1) Enter text for your image.

2) Select a font, include the style, size, etc. of the font.

3) Select the font color type (solid, a gradient pattern, or a hatch pattern).

4) Select the font color(s).

5) Select the output image format/type (PNG, BMP, JPG).

6) Select the background color type (solid, a gradient pattern, or a hatch pattern).

7) Select the background color(s).

8) Click the generate button to preview the image.

9) Click the save button to save the image to disk.

The preview is NOT automatically updated. The generate button must be clicked after any change to the options.

Software Requirements :
- Windows XP, Vista, 2003 Server
- .NET 2.0 Framework


Reference :

How to save a .gif file with a new color table by using Visual C# -
transparent gif =;EN-US;Q319061

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